About Us

We are Listen to the Earth - a hub for music, activism, and opportunities for youth to explore the wild outdoors.

Listen to the Earth is a new organization with a long history. Listen to the Earth is formerly known as Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (M.U.S.E.), Earthday.FM Radio, in
collaboration with Wild Wind.

Listen to the Earth
PO Box 47
Lake Ann, MI
Phone: 231-668-1010

Email: info@listentoearth.org


Listen to Earth is 501c3 all volunteer effort promoting songs with an environmental message, honoring musicians who inspire environmental awareness, and providing opportunities to get kids outdoors.


We were founded as MUSE (Musicians United to Sustain the Environment) in 1997 by musicians and environmental advocates Walkin’ Jim Stoltz and Craig Wagner. MUSE produced three environmental compilations that raised funds to support the efforts of more than 20 environmental grassroots organizations across North America. This music is still available, and your purchase of these albums will further support the mission of Listen to Earth.

In 2018, MUSE refocused its mission and joined with Wild Wind Records and Web of Life Audio – to shine a light on a diversity of musicians singing out for the diversity of life, expand the Kid for the Wild scholarship program, and ensure the legacy of Walkin' Jim’s music and other recording artists with vision.

Our work

  • Provide learning opportunities, including Kid for the Wild Scholarships for children and youth.
  • Manage and share the Earth Song List, a searchable database of nearly 5,000 environmental songs spanning more than six decades, many genres and topics.
  • Promote frontline environmental campaigns that need support and create customized song playlists for these campaigns.
  • Preserve the story and work of Walkin’ Jim Stoltz and other recording artists with a vision for the earth.
  • Distribute environmental music compilations.

Our Vision

  • Using music as a channel to connect educators, activists, community for the common cause of protecting the environment.
  • Continuing to fund Kid for the Wild Scholarships and the opportunity for children to learn, appreciate, and feed their passion for the wild.
  • Promoting activism that protects the environment.
  • Preserving the story and work of Walkin’ Jim Stoltz and his community.

About our founders – Walkin’ Jim and Craig Wagner

Walkin’ Jim Stoltz found deep joy and connection to all life through solo hikes through the wilderness areas of North America. Here he found inspiration and music while backpacking with his guitar. He began performing this environmental music, accompanied by a spectacular slideshow, on tours across the country.

For years, he devoted summers to long hikes and fall and spring months for concert touring with winters in Montana. His career spanned 29,000 miles of hiking and eight albums of music. In 2019, the Appalachian Trail Museum opened a dedicated exhibit in honor of Jim and his love for the Appalachian Trail.

Craig Wagner joined Walkin’ Jim in the creation of MUSE. Craig, inspired by the wilderness of Alaska, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories, released an album of original compositions entitled “The Keeper’s Gift” and donated 100% of the proceeds from the album to help support North American arctic conservation

Our Music

Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (MUSE) produced three music compilations:
One Land, One Heart; Eye of the Hunter; and Songs for the Earth - a tribute to Rachel Carson. We previously sold our albums through CD Baby, but CD Baby closed its online store in March 2020. Digital copies of all songs are available for purchase at Amazon.com. Or, to order a cd for $15 (includes U.S. shipping), contact us.

Songs for the Earth

One Land, One Heart is a cohesive compilation album of 16 environmentally inspired tunes from a wide spectrum of nationally known soloists and groups. The album  is a diverse brew of folk, blues, jazz and haunting instrumentals. Songs include: Craig Wagner — Genesis; Magpie — We Belong to the Earth; Susan Grace — Stand Up For Love; Dakota Sid Clifford — We Want the Whole Thing Back; Karen Goldberg — Earth Day Song; David Elias —- The Blue Planet; Alice Di Micele — Chinook Blues; John McCutcheon — Leviathan
Lydia Adams Davis — Song of Life; Peter & Lou Berryman — Here’s to Mother Nature; Joanne Rand — Bearing Witness; Dana Lyons — The Tree; Joyce Rouse — We Are One; Walkin’ Jim Stoltz — Oh, What A Life; Libby Roderick — Low to the Ground; Paul Winter — Antelope Dreams of Her African Cousins

Eye of the Hunter,  co-produced with Predator Conservation Alliance - celebrates wolves, mountain lions, bears, coyotes and other North American predators through 16 songs. Styles range from Folk, New Age, Jazz, Folk Rock, and Pop flowing together to weave a rich listening experience unique to this recording. Songs include: Kate Bennett — Wolf Song; Jez Lowe — The Big Fear; Casey Neill — Pine Marten Swagger; Susan Grace — Lone Lion Runs; Magpie — Amarok; Paul Todd — Where Are the Wolves; Keith Hammer — Ursus Arctos Horribilis; Country Joe McDonald — Coyote; Katherine Archer — Prey; Dakota Sid Clifford — Greenfire
Paul Todd — Land of the Grizzly/Morrison’s Jig (lyrics by Keith Hammer); Leah Wolfsong — We Walk With You; Larry Long — Grizzly Bear; Walkin’ Jim Stoltz — Eye of the Hunter

Songs for the Earth - a tribute to Rachel Carson, a joint venture with the Rachel Carson Council, honors the life of one of America’s greatest heroines, Rachel Carson. Inspiration of the modern day environmental movement, Rachel Carson inspired awareness of pesticide issues through her wonderful books and words. Songs include: Pete Seeger – My Dirty Stream, Walkin’ Jim Stoltz – Song for Rachel, Steve Schuch – Where Will We Go?, Kat Eggleston – Go to the Water, Bill Oliver – Queen Invicta, Tom Vincent – Ballad of the Osprey, Betty and the Baby Boomers – Back Bay, Casey Neill – Hallowed be thy Ground, Dean Stevens – Salmon River, Cindy Kallet – Roll to the River, Tom Paxton – When it’s Gone, it’s Gone, Magpie – Rachel, Tish Hinojosa – Something in the Rain, Gordon Bok – Herring Croon, Emma’s Revolution – Silent Spring, Bob Zentz – Far Horizon, Josh White Jr. – Gentle Warrior, and the Voice of Rachel Carson