Water songs for children and the young at heart

The Earth Song List has more than 700 songs+ listed in the children’s music genre. To celebrate World Water Day, we’d like to lift up and share a sample of these songs about water, drinking water, the water cycle, water habitats, and our water planet.

This is by no means a complete list. Suggestions are welcome. To hear a sample of songs and artists, enjoy our playlist Water Songs for Children and the Young at Heart.

More Water Songs for Kids

  • Banana Slug String Band with Water Cycle Boogie
  • Dale Crider with Liquid of Life, Foreverglades, and Don’t Feed the Gator
  • Alice di Micele with If I were an Otter
  • Charlotte Diamond with Listen to the Water
  • Earth Mama with Ode to Water, Downstream, and This River
  • J.P. Taylor and the Academics, On Goes the Water Cycle
  • Fred Gee with Every Little Drop of Water
  • John Houston and Winnie Finch with Dolphin Song
  • Kelly Cranston with Bright Ocean Water
  • Okee Dokee Brothers with Roll on River and Bullfrog Opera
  • Okefenokee Joe with Everglades Symphony, That’s Where I Fit In, and Spring is Comin’ to the Swamp Again
  • Magpie with Hugh the Manatee, The Dolphin Song, Water, Bluecrab Blues, and other songs from the album Circle of Life
  • Maria Sangiolo with Celia Says, Save the Sharks!, No Dolphins Here, and Down by the Ocean
  • Marylee with Baby Beluga (cover of Raffi)
  • Raffi with Clean Rain
  • Sally Rogers with Rain Round
  • Sarah Pirtle with Water Cycle and Whale Song
  • Stan Slaughter with The Salmon Circle, Excuse me sir, that’s my acquifer, Watershed, Ogallala, Stream Team, and many more
  • Sue Trainor with Chesapeake Bay
  • Susan Grace with River Song
  • The Amidons with Water
  • Tim Cain with The Water System, Shark!, and Our Tidepool Home
  • Tim Callahan and Ann Shapiro with Mother Ocean
  • Tom Chapan with Sing a Whale Song
  • Two of a Kind with Kelp!, The Double Life of Amphibians, Swimmy, I am a Turtle and All the Rivers Run and many more
  • Walkin’ Jim Stoltz with “River, River, River Run,” and “Big Fat Fish
  • Waterbound with Factory Ships, and Beaver Song